Nest Hub Max: Google’s new brainchild with smart display camera

Nest Hub Max by Google
Nest Hub Max by Google

Google is drawing plans to supersede as one of the top smart speaker maker. In competition with Amazon’s Alexa, Google is launching a 10in version of smart display. The multinational Technology Company made the announcement at Google’s I/O developer conference in California on Tuesday. The launch date is anticipated to be July 15 and will retail for £219 in the UK and $229.

The new launch of Google Nest Hub Max is a big Google Assistant smart display. Google Nest Hub Max is a combination of Nest and other smart home products. It is equipped with a camera on top which one can use for video calls and home security monitoring. It includes intruder alerts and recorded video through an additional subscription. This is also one of the new features in addition to multiple local artificial intelligence. The google assistant powered Home Hub was launched in October last year and could answer questions and accept voice commands. It also allowed non-verbal interaction by providing details on a 10in 1080p screen. The new feature allows the camera to face recognition as the user approaches and proactively also shows personal information, like messages and calendar.

Moreover, the special sensor featured camera perceives hand gestures. For instance, it pauses a video or music by a simple palm gesture, without having to touch the screen or via voice command to Google Assistant. Allegedly, Google will publish information regarding sensors, cameras and microphones in its smart phone products, this will allow the users to disconnect and disable microphones and camera on the Nest Hub Max.

Lionel Guicherd-Callin, head of product for EMEA for Google Nest said in a statement, that the intention behind the new technology was to simplify smart home, but also to evolve the privacy model.