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Misuzu Ikeda
Extinction Rebellion to end protests

Extinction Rebellion to end protests

Extinction Rebellion will reportedly end its blockades of Marble Arch and Parliament Square on Thursday, April 25. April 15 marked the commencement of the anti-climate change protests in London. After unwavering protests to address climate change, the group will allegedly…

Deluge sweeps South Africa

Deluge sweeps South Africa

The southern and eastern parts of South Africa have been encountered with torrential rain in the last few days. Reports allege the death toll to have risen to at least 60 people. Heavy rainfall caused deadly flooding in South African…

Junk food ads in the UK

Cut down of Junk food ads in the UK

Britain’s local authorities draw plans to limit junk food advertising. As a healthcare measure, the government of UK has decided to put reins in the endorsements of products which are high in fat, sugar or salt. Health campaigners are to…

Theresa May’s position is precarious amidst Brexit backlash
Iranian oil industry

US makes rigorous oil sanctions against Iran

In light of the nuclear dispute with Iran, the US has thoroughly vetoed the oil exports of the Islamic Republic. Reports from the White House suggest, from May 2, no country will be allowed to import Iranian oil. However, India,…