Russia launches world’s longest submarine

Belgorod Submarine

A new nuclear-armed submarine launched by Moscow is labeled as Belgorod submarine. It was launched on Tuesday, April, 22.  With 604 ft, Belgorod is now also the longest submarine in the world. The sub was built at the Severodvinsk military shipyard near St Petersburg and is capable of carrying underwater nuclear-armed Poseidon drones. Named as a doomsday weapon, the machine can blow up entire cities by triggering a tsunami.

Although reports suggest that Belgorod will serve the purpose more on the lines of a deep sea intelligence weapon, rather as a conventional submarine. The 25-man vessel has a 180ft mini-submarine which can be beneficial for rescue, research, and special military operations. The President of Russia, Vladimir Putin saw the launch of the submarine via a teleconference. In order to not promote the sub as a menacing weapon, the submarine’s commanders will report directly to President Putin rather than to the country’s naval top brass. The machine will allegedly operate in the Arctic and the North Atlantic, these are also the areas where the Russian submarine activity has increased considerably in recent years. Russia has also expanded its approaches to UK territorial waters.

In a state-of-nation address last year, Putin had announced the launch of the watercraft, mentioning to render the U.S. missile defense system useless. The drones resemble a torpedo and measure up to 79ft long. This is also one of the attributed reasons why special submarines like the Belgorod are designed to carry them. These weapons can be controlled virtually via a nuclear reactor engine. The speed is estimated to be as high as 124mph. But the reports have varied, speculating the speed to be also as low as 70mph.