With the help of new technology, ‘SWING FINDER’ golfers can lower their scores



For the lovers of the sport ‘golf’, there is now a more affordable, convenient and efficient tool created to help them lower their golf scores. The brand new technology ‘SWING FINDER’ which is patented and formulated in San Diego, which is one of the best spots for golf in the world, helps train the muscles of the golfer so that he can stay connected by learning how to square up the body and clubface to goal line.

The creator of this practice tool/technology ‘SWING FINDER’, Cle Adams stated: “SWING FINDER™ is a game changer. It works because it teaches the basics of a good swing. By practicing alignment with SWING FINDER™, muscle memory kicks in for a perfect swing during the game.”

Whether any gold player wants to practice the putting, the full swing or the chipping, SWING FINDER is the perfect tool to sharpen the skills of golfers. To learn and see how things work on all clubs, check the video of the SWING FINDER Training video at their online website.

An enthusiastic golfer, and a renowned personal trainer at the North County who happens to be a mechanical engineer as well, Adam, passed the following statement: “The SWING FINDER™ formula for success is simple: squaring up your clubface equals a low spin ratio, and that’s what drives your distance. I created the SWING FINDER™ to incorporate the correct body mechanics and the body’s natural tendency to push and pull. It allows you to PUSH the club into the backswing and PULL the club to the finish while staying connected.”

In very less time and with ease, SWING FINDER fits every club and smoothly stores from practice to play to a golf bag to go. Right and left-handed versions are made available for the price of $69.99 at their website Swing-Finder.com

Adam further said: “The SWING FINDER™ is designed to increase confidence for any skill level. SWING FINDER™ is an easy, simple and affordable way to help any golfer lower their scores.”