Paralympic Officials in for a grave shock after demanded to pay for accessibility

British Paralympic
British Paralympics

British Paralympic officials were in for a shock when hotels demanded they pay for rooms for wheelchair athletes. In a statement from the officials, the Yokohama inns showed a “general loss of compassion” and “total lack of interest” for the British Paralympic team, which is set to make their final preparations in the city for Tokyo 2020. Moreover, the officials stated that they have been dealing with the problem for the past 18 months. Since the issue did not fall within the remit of the Tokyo 2020 organizing committee, the issue aggravated to a “huge headache.” It was left down to individual hotels to make rooms accessible for the Paralympic team. However recent developments worked in favor when the Yokohama City authorities agreed to create a fund to pay for improvements for the rooms of Paralympics GB.  This fund will also be used for the preparation of camp plans.

However, among the Paralympic team, there remains a growing concern for the paucity of accessible hotel rooms in Tokyo for disabled spectators. In Tokyo, the room space constraints make the problem all the more grave. The hotel doors are narrower and this hinders the portability of wheelchairs. Moreover, fewer bathrooms are equipped with grab rails and bathtubs. Among others, Japan is also still unprepared for the problem of a disability, because there are fewer wheelchair users in Tokyo than most cities. The International Paralympic Committee is anticipating new laws been by the government in favor of accessible rooms for the Paralympics.