Cut down of Junk food ads in the UK

Junk food ads in the UK
Junk food advertisement

Britain’s local authorities draw plans to limit junk food advertising. As a healthcare measure, the government of UK has decided to put reins in the endorsements of products which are high in fat, sugar or salt. Health campaigners are to especially scrutinize the undertakings of Advertising Standards Authority (ASA). The campaigners resolve to put advertisements out of the way of children. By curbing endorsements not only near schools but also nurseries, children’s centers, parks, family attractions, and leisure centers, this goal can be attained. They are also working towards clearing several advertising loopholes which need to be closed. For instance, closure of the governing promotions in public telephone boxes, which are normally placed outside councils’ jurisdiction. The government is determined to undertake stricter measures in the area of in-store advertising. This includes advertisements placed around shops and food endorsements put on window displays. Reports suggest, that the Advertising Standards Authority will also have the powers to impose fines on any company that breaks the advertising rules more than once in three years.

This action of Britain’s Health campaigners is been seen as an extension to “belt and braces” ban on junk food adverts. London’s groundbreaking measure to curb Junk food advertising in order to tackle child obesity was undertaken in February 2019. It was introduced by the city’s mayor, Sadiq Khan. The act issued a ban on junk food advertising across London’s entire public transport network.  Posters for food and drinks high in sugar, fat, salt and were removed from the Underground, Overground, buses and bus shelters. Reports suggest, almost 40 percent of the capital’s children aged 10 and 11 are overweight or obese.