Geneva on an environment revamp to conserve Lake Geneva

plastic waste ban

In a new maneuver to revamp the environment, the city of Geneva will ban single-use of plastic. Plastic usage was outlawed in order to save the world-famous Lake Geneva from contamination. The Swiss city of Geneva is to follow the example of France, which will issue a ban on plastic cups, cutlery, straws, cotton buds, and other single-use items from January 2020.  Switzerland being a non-member of the EU had announced in June 2018, that it would not adhere to the ban of single-use plastics. But the southern town of Geneva has set a benchmark in Europe, by creating original precautious measures to address the overuse of plastic waste. This will make Geneva, the first European city to ban single-use plastic. The ban will come into force ahead of the EU, which is planning to forbid single-use plastics from January 2021. The law was a result of a study commissioned by the Association for the Safeguard of Lake Geneva, notified that every year, 50 tonnes of plastic ends up in Lake Geneva, out of which very less is broken down and only 10% of the plastic is vented out into the Rhône River.

January 2020 will witness a conservational transformation in the city. Items like plastic crockery, cutlery, straws, and cups as well as any other items made from single-use plastic will be banned to the public in the city. This curb is bound to affect the business of kiosks, food stalls, food trucks, ice cream stands amongst others. Outdoor events with food provisions will also feel the pinch of the ban.

According to reports by the city’s parliamentarian, Guillaume Barazzone, businesses that fail to abide by the new development will be fined or could also suffer other severe grievances like revoked license. Businesses and organizations are expected to come up with find alternative materials for usage within the rest of the year.