Exhumation of Northern Kurds haunts Iraq

mass graves

Mass graves have been discovered in Southern Iraq’s Muthanna Governorate. The remnants are believed to belong to ethnic Kurds. Located in the desert of al-Salman, a southwestern district of Muthanna Province, the site is allegedly considered as one of the largest burial setting ever found in Iraq.  Among the skeletal remains, most are identified to be women and children.

During Saddam’s revolutionary regime, thousands of Kurds fell victim to racial killing. About 182,000 Kurds were eradicated at the time of Baathist reign’s Anfal campaign. The operation which was carried out in 1986 and 1989 eradicated around thousands of Kurds to the north. Before carrying out their systematic execution, the northern Kurds from their hometowns in localized camps, and later buried in large groups. This was common under Saddam’s power.

Local authorities from a southern Iraqi province began unearthing the mass graves on Friday. Reports suggest, the remains will later be sent to the Kurdistan for proper burial.