Flight shame among the Swedes is for real

a flight flying above a train

The term Flygskam or flight shame is making rounds among the Swedes. It refers to their guilt about polluting the environment by air travel. This has set a trend among the citizens, they are opting increasingly for travel by rail.

Swedish film celebrities have allegedly also cut down on their projects abroad. 250 people have signed an article petitioning film producers to limit international shoots. 16-year old, Greta Thunberg, an environment activist, set an example when she travelled by train to the Economic Forum in Davos and the climate summit in Poland. An anonymous Instagram account is reportedly also shaming social media profiles that are promoting air travel.

Swedes are among voracious travelers. To escape the severe winters, they have often sought after warmer destinations. However in March, a survey led by World Wildlife Foundation claimed that nearly one in five Swedes had chosen to travel by rail. In the wake of the change, the government intends to introduce more night trains to major European cities before the end of its mandate in 2022.