The managing Editor at Business Inc. swears by this single rule while hiring

Business Insider

Through her career as a managing editor at Business Insider, Jessica Liebman has hired hundreds of candidates. This one solitary feature of the applicant has often cut the case for her. However, not many have concurred.

According to Liebman, a simple thank you e-mail speaks volumes. The hiring process can be challenging. Liebman believes, an interview and handful of data about the aspirant doesn’t give much away and frequently is also not the best source of judgment about the candidate’s actual effectiveness to the assigned role. The often promising candidates on-paper have also proven to be a wrong-fit in reality.

An easy thank you email uncovers two important things about the applicant, claims Liebman. For one, it shows interest. She alleges, a hiring manager should always expect a thank-you email response, and should never make an offer to someone who neglected to send one. Although a thank you note does not certify the candidate’s productivity, it implies a few desirable qualities: eagerness, orderliness and good manners. Liebman calls this as a clear indictor of “good eggs.”

So if you ever apply at Business Inc, don’t forget to send a thank you email!