Park with a religious intent

In a first, the Dubai Municipality has designed an Islam based theme park. The 64 hectare garden has allegedly cost Dh 200 million and is still under construction.  The main objective behind the park is to showcase the Islamic culture and civilization. The Holy Quran Park also works along the lines of religious tolerance and has sections to highlight interactions with different cultures.

Innovative architectural designs form the center of attraction. An Umrah corner, running and cycling tracks, an outdoor theater are a few to name. Centre of interest is the Cave of Miracles which displays marveling miracles mentioned in the Quran. The Al Quran Park spirals around a green concept.  The 12 gardens in the park breed around 54 plant species. The plant species are picked up with their references in the Quran and the Sunnah.  The kiosks in the garden also educate visitors on the benefits of plants. Although the park is open to visitors free of cost, entry fee is applicable to Cave of Miracles and the Glass House.

Pious parks are not an entirely new concept. The Holy Land Experience in the city of Orlando has graphic representation of the Christ crucifixion. Suối Tiên amusement park in Vietnam is designed around the animistic style of Buddhism.