Boycott of Brunei Hotels


Luxury hotels owned by the Brunei Kingdom introduced a law condemning gay sex and making it punishable by flogging to death. This incident has been the cause of a stir among LGBT communities and celebrities supporting the snub to Brunei.

Celebrity Georg Clooney started the boycott with several famous personalities following his lead.  Popular TV host, Ellen DeGeneres also denounced Brunei’s strict Islamic laws by taking to Twitter. She posted a picture of nine hotels owned by the Sultan of Brunei and pleaded strict boycott.  A Swiss-owned travel agency and a London-based newspaper, the Financial Times, have been the latest addition to participate in the boycott of Brunei businesses.

Brunei is a tiny kingdom on the island of Borneo in Asia. The outrage has led Brunei Hotels to withdraw from social media. Several websites of Brunei have either been pulled down or have become inaccessible.