Sweden offers employees time-off for entrepreneurial ambitions

Full-time employees in Sweden are entitled to a six month-off leave owing to a personal start-up. This is referred to as tjänstledighet, which can be translated as unpaid sabbatical in the English Language. For the past 20 years, The Right to Leave to Conduct a Business Operation Act, offers the Swedes a rare luxury. This decree permits a leave to the workers, to take care of a family member, to study, or to fulfill entrepreneurial goals. However, this privilege is eligible only to employees who have been full-time workers at a firm for the past six months. The employers also hold the right to refuse the advantage to a leave if the entrepreneurial idea of the employee poses as a direct competition to their business. This business practice has proliferated the percentage of startups in Sweden.

The Scandinavian countries belong to the few leading examples when it comes to acing the happiness index of its employees. Their special attention to work-life balance, generous parental leave, services of unemployment and job security are few of the attributed reasons for the soaring satisfaction rate.