Rwanda mourns for Genocide Victims

The East African Country, Rwanda, marks the 25th Anniversary of Rwanda Genocide. Sunday, April, 7 commemorated the massacre of 800,000 Rwandan, Tutsi people.

In the wake of the national tragedy, President of Rwanda, Paul Kagame, lit a flame of remembrance at the Kigali Genocide Memorial Convention Centre. The flame will burn for 100 days, which amounts to the exact duration of the brutal massacre twenty years ago. The citizens of Rwanda will also lament for 100 days, along with their engagement in a Vigil March.

The violence began in April 1994. An ongoing hostility between the country’s Tutsi and Hutu communities piqued when the Hutu President died in a plane crash. The Hutu majority brutally wiped out the Tutsi community in a span of 100 days, blaming them for the death of their president. 800,000 Tutsi people were slaughtered by a common weapon available in the African household, Machete. The Tutsi community retaliated by killing some 100,000 Hutus, drastically varying to their communal loss. The Rwanda Genocide is considered one of the most soul-stirring episodes in the country’s history.