Deluge brings Iran to a standstill

The country of Iran is reported to have undergone persistent flooding since the last month. The inundation has swamped major agricultural lands and villages of Iran. About 70 Iranian lives have been claimed to the deluge and mass evacuation from the submerged villages has added to the chaos.

The excessive damage caused by the natural calamity has soared the country’s budget for disaster relief. Reports insinuate the country’s incapability to cover growing financial costs, thus increasing the fiscal dependency of the Iranian Red Crescent for foreign financial aid. Moreover, Iran is deprived of monetary help from the US. The US Sanctions have refused funding to the flood-stricken country. It is to be believed that Washington’s renouncement from the 2015 nuclear deal between Iran and six world powers may have hampered the financial support.

Flooding caused in the southern provinces of Iran have inhibited the country’s trading economy with Iraq. The shared Sheeb border between the two countries has been closed down for trade and travelers until further notice.