Computer Model to predict early symptoms of Sepsis

Scientists in the UK have developed a computer-model to identify early signs of sepsis. The disease has been proven to be life-threatening. Most commonly, sepsis occurs due to an infection in any body part. As a reaction, the human body releases chemicals to fight such infections. Sepsis may occur if the body is unable to maintain a healthy balance of these chemicals, which may eventually lead to a failure of major organs systems.

The National Health Services (NHS) UK, identifies symptoms of Sepsis with the help of National Early Warning Scores (NEWS). The insightful, new research has helped to create a computer aided model (cNEWS) which will provide more accurate results in locating sepsis among patients. The machine is imbedded with a patient’s history and it will analyze old data to obtain elevated accuracy for the disease prognosis. Additional advantage of the computer model is that it will lessen the burden of the hospital staff for records. It is anticipated that the symptom scores obtained through the computer aided model will also help to support clinical judgment.

Study proves, the urgency of identifying Sepsis at an early stage is vital, delay has proven decline in survival rate of the patients.