Research Team improves Artificial Intelligence

A research team at Case Western Reserve University in Cleveland, Ohio has designed a robot to improve artificial intelligence. The machine is created to be perceptive of human emotions. It outshines the previous contributions made in the domain mainly on the basis of its speed and accuracy to judge human emotions.

Researcher Kiju Lee and her team of experts have developed a cheap low-cost robot, named Woody. Woody is able to recognize human emotions based on a set of Algorithms. In order to escalate the robot’s emotional precision, the research team has embedded the machine with 3,500 variations in human facial expressions. A plethora of human sentiments are entered into the robot in form of a software data to help him become more receptive.

The futuristic purpose of this invention is to empower interactive video games. It also aims to have a more solicitous care in mental health. Lee believes that by improving artificial intelligence on machines, they will reciprocate to human emotions and pick up on early signs of depression. The machines can turn on relaxing music or videos. Be that as it may, Lee aims towards building an innovative future where robots might replace humans for therapeutic sessions.