Cuba curbs on newspaper sizes due to paper shortage

Paucity of newsprint impels the Cuban government to a considerable rollback on state run newspapers. A substantial scarcity has forced Cuba to cut down on the circulation and edition sizes of major newspapers. The government announced that it is reducing the page count of some weekly run newspapers, including the popular weekly, Granma. An edition run by Union of Young Communists’, Rebelde, will no longer be published on Saturdays. The Caribbean country imports newsprint from China and attributes the constraint on import due to insufficient cash flow.

In the past, the Cubans have grappled for basic products like flour, cooking oil, chicken and eggs. A steady collapse in the country’s GDP since 2016 has retrenched Cuba to extreme measures and increasing dearth of primary goods.

Cuba is largely dependent on the economy of Venezuela and the collapse of Venezuelan funding has led to sporadic changes in the country’s cash crunch.