Public demand ousts Algerian President after 20 year reign

Algeria’s President, Abdelaziz Bouteflika announced his resignation with immediate effect on Tuesday, April 2, after holding office for twenty years. Severe mass protests and pressure from the army, finally ceded Bouteflika to his presidential role.

The Algerians held protest marches on the streets of Algiers towards the end of February to oppose Bouteflika’s bid for his fifth term in the presidential office. Pictures on social media prove the demands of hundreds of unsatisfied Algerians who called for Bouteflika’s resignation. The public also accused Bouteflika’s reign of economic slump, corruption and nepotism. His resignation marks a victory of mass demonstrations among the citizens.

The 82-year old was declared unfit to rule, given to his ailing health conditions, by the army chief staff, Ahmed Gaïd Salah. Algerians took to the streets of the capital city, Algiers, waving flags and chanting jubilant triumphs to Bouteflika’s overthrow.

The impending change in the country’s political scenario after Bouteflika’s resignation still remains unclear. Reports are, Abdelkader Bensalah, chairman of the upper house of the parliament, will take charge as the caretaker-president for 90 days until the next presidential elections are held.