Not-so Happy Holidays for the Japanese

The Japan’s government has announced 10 days off, from April 29 to May 6 to commemorate the coronation of the new Emperor, Naruhito.

The proverb, ‘all work and no play makes Jack a dull boy’ is unknown to the indefatigable Japanese folk, where occupational mortality is a real thing. Karoshi, can be translated as death due to overwork in English. The Golden Week in Japan offers a week off during end of April and beginning of May every year. It is a cluster of national holidays when the Japanese receive time-off from their occupations

The concept of Workholism which is intrinsic to the Japanese culture has left them confused about the sudden development of a bountiful holiday. Wage Workers earning on daily or hourly basis are feeling the pinch way ahead of the day-off. The closure of after-school nurseries and day care centers during the golden week have left working parents distraught. Moreover, the investors are worried about the adverse effects on the stock and currency rate.

Fact is, the travel companies in Japan have made a soaring financial plunge, with many international tours being overbooked; the youngsters in the country are playing around the idea of meeting matrimonial prospects during the extra time-off which has increased the possibility of matchmaking activities during the golden week.