In a first- Bavarian government to pass a law in favor of pollinators

The state of Bavaria in Germany has announced that it will pass a law to save bees. As a result of the recent unsettling prognosis from scientists and environmentalists about a steady decline in plant and animal species, the environment enthusiasts in Bavaria immersed themselves to bring in a change for better protection of plant and animal species.

The petition to save the bees was launched in February and is recorded to have become the most successful in the southern part of Germany. The campaigners took to the streets, dressed as bees and put forward their buzzing demands. In the end, they managed to garner 1.75m signatures. As a result, the Volksbegehren was obliged to be passed as a law, without a referendum. The German term, Volksbegehren is comparable to a petition and helps citizens to initiate projects at the state level.

What will the petition change?

  • The farming methods in Bavaria will witness a drastic change.
  • The petition set a target for 20% of agricultural land to be bee-friendly and 30% by 2025.
  • More grasslands in Bavaria will be turned into meadows and better suited for organic farming.
  • Watercourses in Bavaria like rivers and streams will now be suitably protected from pesticides and fertilizers.