Gene CCR4 boosts longevity amongst Cancer Patients

A new research on gene levels for colorectal cancer has been insightful. This research was carried out at the Medical College of Georgia (MCG) at Augusta University and the medical student, Chance Bloomer has made a notable contribution. Colorectal Cancer develops in the colon or in the rectum, and hence is also known as colon cancer or rectal cancer. The two types are often grouped together because of their many common factors.

There are fifteen genes related to colorectal cancer. Out of these fifteen, eight contribute towards lower survival rates and longevity. The rest seven help to build higher survival rates and remission. The MCG research prognosis indicate that existence of one particular gene, gene CCR4 can accelerate longevity in patients affected with colorectal cancer. Gene CCR4 belongs to the chemokine family. Higher Levels of this gene helps in trafficking the body’s white blood cells, which then fight off cancerous invaders. There is no such thing as good cancer, but if one has it, higher level of gene CCR4 is believed to boost the endurance levels.

Bloomer conducted his research as a part of MCG Medical Scholars Program. The program offers research prospects to MCG students in close mentorship of national and international scholars, scientists and clinicians