Ukraine places bet on a TV star for President

In a first, Ukraine’s comic actor is set to win the presidential election this year. Volodymyr Zelensky is an actor, screenwriter and director of Ukrainian film studio Kvartal 95. Servant of the People, a satirical TV show was first aired in 2015.  Zelensky played the role of a teacher who strives to work against the government’s corruption and finally ends up taking office of the president.

Zelensky experienced a reel to real life situation when he bagged maximum votes (30.23%) in the first round of Ukraine’s presidential election, followed by Petro Poroshenko with 15.95% in second place. The top two candidates are to compete against each other on April 21.

Zelensky contested for the seat as a presidential candidate of the political party, Servant of the People, which has the same name as the TV hit. The party was officially registered in 2018 and works under ideologies of anti-corruption, populism, etc.