Ingenious Invention for Diabetic Foot care

An innovative design of 3D foot models at the University of South Australia has been created for a futuristic, pedagogic purpose. These artificial foot models are going to be used by fourth-year podiatry students. The main aim of this creation is for the students to treat and study high-risk foot problems of diabetic patients.

Podiatry is a field of medicine that deals with treatments of the feet and their ailments.  The notable rise in type 2 diabetes patients has escalated the demand for deft podiatric skills. Regular checkups in order to keep feet maladies at bay is common among diabetic patients. Poor blood circulation to the feet and slower healing process puts diabetic patients on high risk of feet infection. Such patients are more prone to minor cuts or blisters which may lead to severe ulcers, lower limb wounds and amputations.

The mock foot model is made from thermoplastic polyurethane. The many properties of this plastic enables it to be elastic, transparent, and resistant, thus replicating it to a human foot. Dummy infected and non-infected diabetic wounds are made on the foot to train students in skillfully treating the injuries without the added pressure of an actual surgery. The wounds feature anything from an authentic dry gangrene to oozing pus.