Illicit Trade of Tiger Geckos propels Extinction

Yet another animal species has fallen prey to wildlife crime. Tiger Geckos are native species to Vietnam, Japan and China, hence also known as Asian Lizards. Tiger Geckos have become vulnerable to extinction due to destruction of their habitat and nefarious pet trade. Exploitation of animals and illegal wildlife trade has escalated in the past few years and tiger geckos are its latest victim.

Tiger gecko is a reptile genus belonging to the family of Goniurosaurus. Fact is, that geckos are sold as pets in local shops in Vietnam as well as online, through social media platforms like Facebook. The endangered species are making a popular sale overseas in US, Europe and Japan as an exotic pet. They are brought internationally for US$100 and 2,000 based on its singularity. Although the demand for geckos as pet is more than its actual total availability, one of the prominent reasons for the extinction of Tiger Geckos is also because they are not substantially protected by conservation laws. Lack of sufficient and significant knowledge about the species has also driven it on the threshold of extermination.