Feast for Feline Fans

Bob Meijer has founded Amsterdam’s KattenKabinet (Cat Cabinet). The museum exhibits decennial depictions of cats in the field of Art. Bob Meijer, an aesthete owned a pet cat as a student and runs the KattenKabinet in the fond memory of his beloved pet, John Pierpont Morgan. The museum portrays feline within the artwork of films, posters, photography, sculptures and music. The museum is also home to two young cats, who are popular among the visitors. Meijer’s anniversary offerings to his cat, until it died at the age of 18, are also on display at the museum.

Here is a list of other museums, dedicated to feline aesthetics:

Kuching Cat Museum: This is believed to be world’s first cat museum. It is located in Petra Jaya in the Kuching City. Cat lovers will especially love the cat exhibits, photos, feline art and cat souvenirs.

Lucky Cat Museum: The owner and operator of this museum is another cat lover, Micha Robertson. This museum houses collection of Japanese Maneki Neko, which are cats most often seen in Japanese and Chinese Restaurants.

Cat Museum In Minsk: This cat museum holds a permanent exhibition on felines. In another rare feature of this museum you can spend time and play with friendly cats. You can also look forward to cat painting, graphics, sculpture, photography, computer graphics, and other feline souvenirs.

Cat Museum Of San Francisco: It is a non-profit organization established in the Fall of 2010. Dedicated to cats, this museum exhibits interesting collection of cat artifacts.