A Non-profit Academy to work on the Elixir for Life

A team of 16 researchers from Harvard, MIT and other academic institutions around U.S. and Europe have formed a non-profit academy for study on Longevity and Health. The Elixir for life has of late been the talk of every scientific, academic journal and of several medical research groups. The newly formed, Boston-based team aims to make breakthrough discoveries in medicine and will work on the sole impetus to treat diseases caused due to ageing.  The comprehensive study will investigate ways to keep the human body younger and circumvent from developing diseases of ageing.

Five things you need to know about the non-profit organization:

  • Professor David Sinclair of the Harvard Medical School of Genetics is one of the academy’s founding members.
  • The non-profit academy intends to foster work of junior researchers working in the same subject area.
  • The research team will promote subsequent research projects, stimulate collaborations between scholars, and rely on authentic study and trending discoveries in the field.
  • The main focus of the team is to extend the human health span, and to fight numerous diseases associated with the process of aging.
  • Discoveries and Inventions made by the team will make a notable impact in the field of medicine, and shed light on subjects like health span and human productivity.