Urgent attention is required to knock down gender-specific barriers for treatment of patients with alcohol-related cirrhosis

Cirrhosis of liver associated with alcohol is a very serious condition. Even though patients with cirrhosis are continuously reminded to quit their drinking habit to reduce life-threat, many ignore the advice & do not benefit from alcohol treatment. To know in a more detailed way, the role played by alcohol treatment in shaping the direction of alcohol-related cirrhosis, researchers scrutinize the rates, forecasters, & results of alcohol treatment in patients with cirrhosis related to alcohol with private insurance. Data was collected from an enormous insurance database which contained information of 66,053 patients with cirrhosis for 2009 till 2016. Around one of three patients was female.

In spite of the fact that around three quarters of patients possessed insurance for the treatment of alcohol abuse, only ten percent of them had paid abuse visit to the hospitals or had a direct confrontation of mental health visit, and only 0.8 percent actually made to the visit and received appropriate medication for preventing worsening of condition, within a year after getting diagnosed with the cirrhosis related to alcohol. There was a lesser probability of women paying direct visits i.e. face to face, hence they received approved medication lesser than the men did. After the year ended, patients who received the proper alcohol treatment or appropriate medication had 15 percent fewer chances to experience the relapse of cirrhosis than those who neither paid visit nor received treatment.

The conclusion made by the researchers was that the patients possessing cirrhosis due to alcohol should be prompted to get the proper medical treatment to improve their condition. Since women were less probable to get alcohol treatment than men with cirrhosis, immediate attention is required to knock down the gender-specific barriers for alcohol treatment.