An Unfortunate Story of a Wardrobe Malefunction

NASA recently announced the first all-female spacewalk. The historic incident was destined to take place on Friday, March 29, wherein two female NASA Astronauts, Christina Koch and Anne McClain were to step outside from the International Space Station to a floating lab. This highly anticipatory affair which could have embarked a first in many areas for women emancipation was however postponed by NASA. No, the reason was not a much expected technical malfunction. The female astronaut had to miss out on making history because of an unfitting spacesuit!

The appropriate size of a spacesuit, is decided by its fitting on the torso area. Before the final spacewalk McClain had trained in both medium and large sized spacesuits. At the time of the spacewalk, she however realized that the medium size was a better fit for her body shape. Like an ill-fated coincidence, both the women needed medium-sized spacesuits. NASA reported that only one medium spacesuit could be made readily available for the escapade. So in the end only Christina Koch undertook the venture with a male colleague, Nick Hague.

Based on this episode, women took to social media and voiced their disappointment. Is it given that equipment and amenities are by default male-friendly? Are women unfitting to create history because of a serious malefunctioning wardrobe?