The partnership of ACC with Plug & Play to bring out effective outcomes

To provide better services and more effective outcomes to the consumers, Accident Compensation Corporation (ACC) of New Zealand has partnered with Silicon Valley-based plug & play, which the leading innovation platform of the world.

Chief Executive of ACC, Scott said: “ACC is focused on building partnerships to look at new and innovative ways to prevent, reduce and effectively treat injuries. ACC is part of the wider international trend of insurance shifting from ‘detect and repair’ to ‘predict and prevent’. Our organization is spending millions more on injury prevention each year and increasing our use of data analytics to determine the most effective forms of treatment for our injured clients. By partnering with Plug and Play we will have access to global startups with pioneering digital technology that can support and add value to the work we do for our customers.”

Partnering up with Plug & Play will provide ACC access to startups which are involved in the global insurance industry. The agreement gives allowance to co-investment, piloting the proposals and even acquiring the setups. As the CEO of Plug & Play stated: “We are very excited to partner with ACC and believe this is an important step towards digital transformation. We see ACC’s positioning in the insurance value chain as a unique opportunity to leverage technology to better serve its customers.”

According to the Chief Executive of ACC, Scott, ACC has data which is worth 45 years and they have envisioned to utilize it more effectively to make sure that the customers are getting the best possible services. He said: “At the end of all our data and analysis are people – people who need help from us. Plug and Play’s networks will, for example, allow us to trial cutting-edge digital technology that may speed up cumbersome processes that benefit clients, doctors, and ACC or even allow us to predict the likelihood of someone having a fall and the interventions required. New Zealanders told ACC they want consistent care from us and for us to be more responsive to their needs. That’s why it’s important ACC has access to some of the smartest thinking going around, allowing us to balance providing better and more effective services with the growing cost of the ACC scheme.”