TCO Certified brings challenging criteria for the computers of Lenovo, Dell, and HP

The launch of generation 8 in December 2018 is certified by the TCO. In the supply chain, the latest and modern criteria propel transparency and calls for the IT products to be recyclable, durable, and upgradable, which allows for the circular economy. The certification also benefits contribution towards the national and international sustainability goals by the purchasing organizations.

CEO at TCO Development, Soren Enholm said: “This is our largest step yet toward a sustainable life cycle for IT products. The criteria in generation 8 are comprehensive and challenging and the brands that have products which comply with them show that they are serious about their ambitions in the sustainability field.”

Majority of the issues regarding sustainability have a connection with the relatively shorter lifetime of IT products and their handling way after they are discarded. Organizations                                          n mmmm can easily drive the formulation of better circular solutions by incorporating in the procurement the sustainability criteria.

Soren Enholm further added to this by saying: “As a purchaser, you can really make a differe      nce. Your demands have a direct effect on how industry acts and can drive the development of more sustainable products on the market.”

He also mentioned that the use of a complete certification is relatively easy and impacts significantly than planning your personal criteria. This was highlighted by the CEO: “TCO Certified includes updated, driving criteria, covering the IT product’s life cycle, and independent verification that the criteria actually are being met. It saves both time and resources for the purchasing organization. Also, change happens faster when many organizations use the same set of criteria. A certification helps purchasers all over the world send a strong, united message to the IT industry.”

Having experience of more than 25 years, TCO Certified is considered the leader in sustainability certification for the IT products, globally. Their extensive criteria are designed for driving environmental and social responsibility during the life cycle of the product. It covers 8 product categories which include mobile devices, displays, independent verification of compliance, computers, and both post and pre-certification.