Rentex Announced Its Offer Of Renting AK-UC4000GSJ 4K Video CameraCountrywide

Rentex delightedly announced its rent offer of new Panasonic AK-UC4000GSJ 4K studio camera from its ten whereabouts countrywide. This camera is the latest product in the product line of Panasonic’s high-end cameras used for broadcasting.  It offers a refined series and enhancements over Panasonic’s renowned Ak-HC5000 and AK-UC3000 models, as well as other leading 4K video cameras from established brands.

Another specification that makes AK-UC4000GSJ exceptional from rest 4K cameras is its quality of processing both the SDR and the HDR feeds simultaneously.   Broadcasting these both at the same time has often created problems for the production teams, like shadows, distortions, and artifacts in the picture can be created during the downward transformation from HDR to SDR. These issues especially get prominent when images are shot with an illuminated background and an unlit foreground. The AK-UC4000GSJ was developed for resolving this problem as it allows the operator to make adjustments in the SDR & HDR feeds separately to make sure the quality of the picture is perfect.

Jeff Gawronski said the following about AK-UC4000GSJ: “It’s not every year that a camera as impressive as the AK-UC4000GSJ comes out. We feel it represents the state of the art, not only in terms of capturing production-quality UHD video but in how it combines outstanding picture quality with exciting, next-generation technology like 12G-SDI output and support for Media Over IP (MoIP) connectivity. The result is a 4K camera that excels in a variety of broadcast settings, including large concert venues, houses of worship, and business conferences. We’re confident our clients across the country who need a versatile, high-end 4K camera will be excited by that mix of flexibility and power.”

Three modes are offered by the AK-UC4000GSJ of the speedy video capture which are 720p, 1080p, and 1080i. It makes the camera attractive to the audiovisual teams particularly because of its ability to shoot two hundred and forty frames high-speed video. Since such a team requires relatively rich and detailed slow motion as in for collegiate sports and professional broadcasts. The camera also provides intense backward compatibility with existing accessories of Panasonic Cameras such as remote control panels and viewfinders etc.