2nd Edition of the Nuclear Nonproliferation Textbook Published By Lab of Brookhaven

The Brookhaven National Laboratory’s Department of Energy (DOE) has published the 2nd edition of Deterring Nuclear Proliferation: The Importance of IAEA Safeguards. This textbook contains the history of the origination of International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) and also an introduction of the ways for IAEA to verify the nuclear nonproliferation commitments of the state.

The new edition of the book explains the major changes to the implementation of the safeguards of IAEA. Usually, the safeguards approach focuses mainly on monitoring of nuclear facilities. This second edition further chronicles the role of IAEA in applying safeguards in Iran. The edition comprises of a historical perspective of the sequence of events that have culminated in the compromise of a multilateral consensus that applies strict bounds on the nuclear program of Iran.

“Today, policymakers and practitioners who lack basic understanding of the history, rationale, and technical details of the complex architecture of the international nuclear nonproliferation regime and the role of the IAEA safeguards system are grappling with urgent proliferation challenges with one arm tied behind their back,” said the Ambassador, Susan Burk. “Fortunately, Deterring Nuclear Proliferation: The Importance of IAEA Safeguards, fills that knowledge gap. It is a unique resource for understanding the IAEA and is a must-read for security professionals developing and implementing U.S. nuclear nonproliferation policy, and for anyone interested in understanding how the nonproliferation regime that we take for granted works to reduce nuclear dangers.”

According to the director of Arms Control Association, Daryl G. Kimball said: “The latest edition of Deterring Nuclear Proliferation: The Importance of IAEA Safeguards is an invaluable, comprehensive guide to the evolving nuclear safeguards system that undergirds the international nuclear nonproliferation regime. Whether you are a scholar or researcher, a diplomat, a regulator, a student, or an expert practitioner, you will find this book to be a valuable and authoritative resource.”

A U.S. State Department senior official, Christian Kessler, and a nuclear expert, wrote, “Deterring Nuclear Proliferation: The Importance of IAEA Safeguards examines the legal, political, and technical factors that shaped evolution of the international system to halt the spread of nuclear weapons, written by a team of experts who helped shape that evolution. Both detailed and comprehensive, it is a unique and uniquely authoritative resource for scholars, educators, and students seeking to learn how we got from Hiroshima to today.”