Shocking Increase of Firearm Related Deaths in U.S. Children

Deaths related to the firearm are immensely increasing in children around the United States. The homicide rate in the U.S. is 6 to 9 folds higher than the other developing countries. In the latest study, researchers examined the death trends from 1997-2017.

Results of this study were published in the American Journal of Medicine and confirm that 38,942 deaths related to firearm occurred in 5-18-year olds from 1997-2017.

Senior author of the study, Mr. Charles H. Hennekens said, “It is sobering that in 2017, there were 144 police officers who died in the line of duty and about 1,000 active duty military throughout the world who died, whereas 2,462 school-age children were killed by firearms,”

A major increase in deaths related to firearms was first observed in 2009 in children of 5-14 years of age and the second epidemic was observed in 15-18 years old children in 2014. Both the epidemics continued until the most recent year for which mortality rate of the U.S. is available i.e. 2017.

In the start of 2013, Black Children observed a very significant increase in 5-14 years old in deaths connected with a firearm.

61% of the school-age children died as a result of assault, 32% suicide, 5% lost their lives to accidents and the last 2% remains undetermined. 41% of the overall deaths were of black people and 86% of the casualties were boys.

Similarly, in 5-14-year-olds, 12.8% lost their lives to accidents, 29.6% suicided, 54.8% were assaulted and 2.7% remain undetermined. Whereas in 15-18 year old, no deaths were recorded as a case of terrorism, while 32.9% of the deaths were claimed to be suicides, 3.5% were accidental, 62.3% as a result of assaults and 1.3% remained undetermined.

Mr. Hennekens and his study co-authors believe that fighting this epidemic of death related to firearms in the U.S. has to be addressed to the students, otherwise, it would be like fighting against lung cancer without addressing cigarettes.