New Treatment For Pancreatic Cancer From Combination Of Existing Treatments

Cancer is the leading cause of death for humans worldwide. It could be considered as one of the most dangerous diseases due to its different forms and costly effects. As increasing as cancer is, different researchers and scientists work hard, trying to find solutions for the deadly disease. A very common type is the pancreatic cancer which affects males more than females.

This motivated a team of researchers from UCLA to working hard in hopes to find solutions for the disease. They were capable of developing a new treatment for pancreatic cancer that is yet to be tested. The team based fromĀ  the UCLA’s Jonsson Comprehensive Cancer Center were able to use a combination of different substances and treatments that show positive effects against pancreatic cancer.

The combination is based on the use of lysosome which is a treatment that inhibits the cancer and another treatment which works on repairing the damaged DNA of the cancer cells. The treatment was used on mice cells and showed positive results towards their pancreatic cancer and is yet to be tested on humans.

This might be a breakthrough due to common found of pancreatic cancer. It is considered to be the third leading cause of death for humans compared to all other types of cancer. It has been commonly known for lacking any type of treatment which makes this discovery one of a kind. This study also inspires researchers to understand existing treatments to help change them towards the existing diseases.