Sperm From Infertile Men’s Testicle Show Healthy DNA

Infertility in men is a common problem that has many different diversities. Many different reasons can be the cause of infertility in man. However, a recent study interested in knowing more about the semen obtained from infertile men has shown that the DNA in their testicles are still healthy equally to fertile men.

This observation is important as it implies that their infertility can be solved by taking sperms directly from their testicles to be implanted in the woman’s ovaries. This is important due to the high numbers of infertile men in Europe and worldwide. This might lead to mental issues or depression. The study can now be used to help people have families without any troubles.

Furthermore, the study implies that the movement of the sperm through the ducts and ejaculated, it will lose its healthiness. This might push further future studies to understand the negative effect on the sperm pre-ejaculation which will rise solutions to solve this problem.

The study was conducted by Jonathan Ramsay which is a Consultant Urologist At Imperial College, London. His study included 63 infertile men and 76 fertile men. Both groups’ sperm was collected and studied carefully showing equal healthiness when obtained sperm directly from the testicles. He stated, “When we looked at ejaculated sperm, we found that the extent of sperm DNA damage was much higher in infertile men than in fertile men, with roughly 15 % in fertile men, but 40% in infertile men. “