Prostate and Urological Cancer Patients Are More Viable To Mental Health Problems And Suicide

A recent study has showed a connection between the mental state of humans and any type of cancer. This included the study of patients with prostate, bladder or kidney cancer; where the study has shown that such patients are more vulnerable to dying if they went through psychiatric care after the treatment.

These results were discussed as part of a study led by an assistant professor at the Georgia Cancer Centre, Augusta, Georgia, named Zachary Klaassen, who discussed them in the European Association of Urology congress in Barcelona. The study supports the use of psychiatric care in parallel with the cancer treatment which will help reduce the risk for depression and suicide.

This study was inspired through a hypothesis that states that survival rate for cancer is accompanied with the mental health of the patients. The study included the use of old records of over 191,068 cancer patients from 5 years. The study of their psychological state, before, during and after the cancer treatment was analyzed thoroughly. This showed 57.1% of the participants did not use psychiatric service during the treatments phases while the rest of the samples did in fact use psychiatric services.

These results were further on compared with records of patients who did not suffer from cancer (528,287 participants).  The overall results show that no psychiatric help leads to higher rate of suicide, which is way it is encouraged to use psychiatric help during and after cancer treatments.