Mental Health Study Proves High Risk of Positive Suicide For Children Visiting ERs

Mental disorders are very common in our recent times. With many different disorders roaming peoples’ heads; one main known challenge is depression. Depression might have bigger side effects and risks, including the final stage which is suicide.

A study conducted on young aged people (aged from 10 -12)  was surprised to find that a high percentage have shown positive results screening for suicide; during ER visits. The study was part of a larger study trying to understand and observe the effect of ER visits on young children. The study conducted by the National Institute of Mental Health (NIMH), part of the National Institutes of Health was targeting the mental health of children.

The results showed that one-third of the age-ranged participants suffer from high risks of suicide. More results expressed a 7% of these children to be suffering from physical conditions that affects their mental health. This study and results are published in the journal of Hospital Pediatrics.

Lead author and Ph.D holder, Lisa Horowitz which works as a clinical scientist in the NIMH Division of Intramural Research Programs expressed that it was a shock to see such results in young preteens. She said “Typically, suicidal thoughts and behaviors are seen in older teens. It was troubling to see that so many preteens screened positive for suicide risk, and we were alarmed to find that many of them had acted on their suicidal thoughts in the past.”