Tesla announces the quarterly results for the Fourth Quarter of 2018

Tesla Incorporation announced their fourth-quarter financial findings after the market closed on Wednesday. The Elon-Musk’s firm confessed having lesser-than-predicted earnings; this led to the sale price to fall by 3 percent.

As far as the fourth quarter is concerned, Tesla announced having the earning of around 1.93 US Dollars for every share and the total revenue of as much as 7.23 Billion US Dollars. The highly-qualified financial analysts at Refined projected that the earnings would be around 2.20 US Dollar for every share while the total revenue would be around 7.08 Billion US Dollars.

Tesla also mentioned about the success of Model 3 has carried them and resulting in driving of a quarterly earnings to be around 414 Million US Dollar regardless of the falling revenue as compared to the same quarter last year, the greater duties on the imports of these parts from China, allows for a reduction in the prices, as well as making sure that a cheaper Model3 could be introduced in the market. The firm noted during the month of December, they had the greatest number of items produced for the Model 3.

As far as 2019 is concerned, the Tesla incorporation is expecting the volume of their Model 3 to rise every single year. All thanks to the Giga factory Shanghai that they will be shifting their production towards allowing them to save an enormous portion of the costs. Compared to the Fremont facility, Tesla expects capital spend per unit of capacity for the Shanghai facility to be less than half.

The firm reported in their earnings transcript that: “This year should be a truly exciting one for Tesla. Model 3 will become a global product, the profitability of our business should become sustainably positive, our new Gigafactory Shanghai should start producing cars, and we will start tooling for Model Y production. Our growth opportunities are massive. Our accomplishments have been possible thanks to the exceptional effort of our employees and the support of our customers, suppliers, and investors. We hope you’re as excited as we are about 2019.”