Koios Beverage Corporation declared partnership with another canning facility for an increase in their capacity of production

Koios Beverage Corporation was pleased to declare that the firm to announce that the Company has increased its capacity of production by joining hand with Full Metal Canning firm which is situated in the Longmont area in Colorado. The firm has an active partnership with the Golden Global Good, which is the parent company of the Rocky Mountain Soda.

This latest partnership with the firm would ensure the access to the high-volume product line of the Full Metal Canning, thus ensures the purposeful beverage creator for the production of an even lower amount of minimum products at any particular time. As well as doing this, the firm would achieve similar cost-effectiveness which could only be gained by mass production.

These partnerships allow the firm to have two canning lines in Colorado’s local market.  This would double its production as well providing at a quicker pace for the fulfillment of the orders.

The Chief executive officer and founder of Koiois, Mr. Chris Miller said: “This allows us to stay incredibly adept and flexible when producing our line of beverages.  This advantage makes us especially unique in the beverage space as we can produce on demand without investing large sums of capital into excess inventory. This allows our team to increase its focus on marketing and consumer awareness, which is pivotal in a brand’s success.  Furthermore, the relationship with Full Metal Canning is a monumental first step towards investing in further infrastructure, including our own, wholly-owned canning line.”

The CEO went on to add: “With this latest partnership with the full canning in addition to our existing partnership with Golden Global Goods, the Company can now produce up to 15,000 cases per week; moreover, this rate of production allows for the following:

  • Reduced lead times;
  • Reduced upfront costs;
  • Creates added efficiency in COGS (Cost of Goods Sold);
  • Greater control over the production process; and
  • Providing the Warrants the Company to fine-tune and adjust the flavors as needed”