Tiny Tumors Can Now Be Removed Using A New Optical Imaging System

Creation of tumors in the human body is a normal event, especially with the unhealthy lifestyle most humans fit in. As people grow older or follow unhealthy eating routines, the risk from tumors become higher and dangerous. Sometimes, tumors get too small in size where it can’t be located nor removed due to lack of imagining.

Just recently, researchers at MIT, have released a statement, revealing a new image system called “DOLPHIN”. This sophisticated and delicate technology, helps doctors to locate tiny tumors that can’t even be seen by the naked eye; which are settled inside the human body. Such tiny tumors, are a reflection of different and many types of cancers. This technology could actually be used to remove cancerous tumors and in turn cancer as a whole.

DOLPHIN depends on the use of near-infrared light, which follows a 0.1 mm fluorescent probe. The experiment was conducted on a mice, where the technology moved through its digestive system. This optical imaging technique has shown results that outruns any other currently existing alternative. The team is in talks for trials on humans to address ovarian cancer which usually has tiny tumors that can’t be dealt with.

James Mason, the professor of Biological Engineer and Materials Science (current leader of the research team), commented on the technology saying, “We want to be able to find cancer much earlier. Our goal is to find tiny tumors, and do so in a noninvasive way.”