BlueMountain Capital Initiates Behavioral Health Platform Through Veterans

A leading investor group in the financial market, Blue Mountain, has just announced the initiation of their newest platform in the health sector. This is a national project that they expect will change the course of the health industry. Through a direct partnership with Kirk Kureska and Rob Waggener, who are considered as Industry Veterans, the new platform will be launched by the name of Promises Behavioral Health.

This platform will include 12 facilities in total with several different programs in each all over seven different states. The main course of the company is to treat health problems related to substance abuse, sexual addiction, trauma, eating disorders, and mental disorders. They have also included a program for veterans.

Blue mountain was also able to recently acquire Elements Behavioral Health, with the help of a huge investor group. It bought Elements, just on the verge of bankruptcy to utilize their facilities and expand their business with minimum cost.

They are focuses on finding better solutions for health problems, mainly mental health. The company is focusing on investing and expanding in new facilities with different areas in the United States.

Rob Waggener is currently the new chairman of Promises Behavioral Health. He has a huge career path and background in the field which is why he was picked specifically for this position.

On the other hand, Kirk Kureska is now the new CEO of Promises. He was picked due to his admirable career and strong decisions in the previous position as CEO of Elements.

Both Mr Kirk and Mr. Waggener were proud of their new positions, stating how they need to work hard to help Promises reach its potential. They announce their focus to work hand in hand bringing new resources and approaches to the behavioral health field.