Hoover Met Complex Has Shown Tremendous Results In First Fiscal Year.

Hoover Met Complex

It is always something positive when you hear about a known body getting good results. In this case, Hoover Met Complex have shown tremendous progress at the end of their 2018 fiscal year. Hoover Met Complex is a stadium which holds the events for the Mets, based in Hoover. This facility is considered to be a piece of art, when in comparison with other sports facilities. It is managed and held by Sports Facilities Management. In 2018, they have successfully raised $14.86 million for all their events and the tourists visiting.

This amount raised directly effects the city itself, where the touristic area is a reason for huge economic benefits to the environment. There has been more than 1,700 teams, 22,000 athletes and coaches and 48,000 spectators who have travelled and spent money in the Complex and the whole city. Frank V. Brocato, the Mayor of Hoover expressed his delight by stating “We are pleased that the Hoover Met Complex contributed more than $14 million in economic impact through a variety of events in 2018.”

This complex holds many sporting events including basketball, volleyball and cheer events. As much as these events play a huge part in the sales; yet, other non-sporting events have also made a great contribution in the success (including Alabama Power Company, Birmingham Association of Realtors, Blue Cross Blue Shield, Spectrum, Sysco Food Shows, CASC Gun Shows and Market Noel).

The Complex is much more than events hosting, where by the end of 2018, they announced the launch of the Hoover Climbing and Adventure. This new form of entertainment is a reason behind the high increase in sales by the end of the year. It is expected to show a greater growth in the upcoming years as its exposure starts to expand.