Trump and Kim Kick off the Second Summit in Hanoi

On Wednesday, the 2nd United States and Democratic People’s Republic of Korea were engaged in the nuclear summit which took place in Hanoi. The two prominent members of this summit were the President of United States, Donald Trump and Supreme Leader of Democratic People’s Republic of Korea, Kim Jong-un. The major goal of this summit was to form the denuclearization plans that began in their 1st set of meetings which was held between the heads of the two states, and took place at the Singapore Summit in June last year.

Donald J. Trump is actively working his hardest in order to completely de-nuking the South Korea. The president however clearly stated that he wouldn’t be going to rush thing or persuade him to change the current policies of the country anytime soon. In the worlds of President Donald J trump during a speech he delivered on Sunday at the Governor’s Ball.

“I don’t want to rush anybody.  I just don’t want testing. As long as there’s no testing, we’re happy”

In the very first day of this summit, Donald Trump expressed the optimistic approach he has towards these talks as well as being optimistic about the relationship with Kim Jong-un in general. Both of the leaders claimed that they have ‘a very good relationship’ during the meet up at the Governor’s Ball first round of these talks. Trump continues on to say that

“I think your country has tremendous economic potential, unbelievable, unlimited. And I think that you will have a tremendous future with your country”.

At this very point, it would be too soon to talk about the success of these talks or how successfully will they be. When the president Trump was asked about whether these talks will eventually be resulting in the ending of the ever continuation of the Korean War of 1950, his response to this question was that “We’ll see”. Trump limited the coverage of this dinner for some reasons. These reasons are yet unknown but most believe it was due to the complexity of the scenario.