Music Streaming Market

Music streaming has become a seamless aspect of our routine travel through the plethora of music streaming apps that are available online. There are no restrictions or limitations to the number of songs you can play. You can also listen to the music without going through the effort of downloading it. The days of buying an entire album, just because you like a particular track on it are long gone. Now you can listen to any kind of music from any artist you want, as streaming music is also removing the geographical barriers and irrespective of the language of the song, several songs are making it into different playlists just for their music. Discovering music has not only become convenient but even more enticing. So here are the benefits of music streaming:


One small smart device and a pair of headphones is all you need. No more worrying about the lack of memory space to fit in the diverse range of songs that appeal to your different moods in a single device. A portable and practical solution for music on-the-go, with no hassles and just a single click.


An assortment of songs in the form of playlists organized by the genre, artists, timelines, and even their positions on the billboards are all waiting for you to hit play! You can even sing along to the radio with a variety of radio channels streamlining the music of a particular artist or a genre. Filter your music however you want and you can even find out what is trending on the global charts. Listen to the music that the world is listening to and sing along with the lyrics that most of the music streaming devices will offer.


Music streamlining gives you access to the world of music and both are being constantly updated, leaving you with the hassle-free experience of simply going through the updates and clicking on them to satisfy your craving for some brand new music.


Several artists are being discovered and music has simply gone beyond the language barriers. Good music is garnering attention by being streamed and shared for you to indulge in. It is giving the artists worldwide exposure for the magic they can create through music. And I think you will agree when I say that we could definitely use some more music and magic in our lives…


Following an artist is checking all your social media apps for updates regarding upcoming concerts, tickets, merchandise, etc. This is being simplified by most of the music streaming services that are collecting the data regarding your preferences in music and using Artificial Intelligence (AI) to offer you alerts regarding the details of your artists. Follow your favorite artist and get updates regarding the upcoming events, latest shows, and even its tickets.


The artists suffer financially, due to illegal downloads and piracy. The ability to stream music for free through services sponsored by the few ads that play in between, a decline in the number of people illegally downloading pirated content is being observed in the music industry. So no moral or ethical dilemma of invading privacy by supporting piracy.


Unlike the CDs and vinyl records that only received the data regarding the number of records being sold, music streaming is offering interesting insights into the way we are consuming music such as the number of times we are streaming a particular track, the content we are skipping, the duration for which we are plugged in and listening, etc. All this data is being used to understand what we like and give us the kind of music we want.

Global music streaming market is expected to grow at a CAGR of 17.9% by 2027, with a significant demand fueled by growing adoption of on-demand music by young music enthusiasts: says Absolute Markets Insights